I’ve collected some of my testimonials together to share with you.  I have been fortunate enough to be involved in many couples weddings, funerals and other ceremonies for clients  of all ages and from all walks of life.  If you would like some further information about what’s involved in a civil ceremony click through to Planning Your Wedding.  If you’d like to get together for a consultation please get in touch on 0408 102 690, or click through to submit an enquiry on my contact page.

Letters From My Clients

Fae you always looked a 100% professional even when you attended the informal meeting at our house.
We asked you many questions and you always responded to our emails in a timely manner with detailed answers.
On the day of the ceremony I think it was perfect as you made us feel very relaxed. What I liked was the focus was very much on us but you were still visible when required.
To be honest I know you are looking for feedback on ways to improve but I can not fault you. I would recommend you to all interested friends.


We both felt very prepared for the day. Any questions asked you were very happy to help.
We were both incredibly happy with the job you did. We felt prepared and relaxed and it definitely made it an excellent day.


Fae you presented yourself as extremely professional and you dressed very appropriately.
You were very informative very organised and you were always happy to help.
You were very passionate about your job. We were both very, very happy with
the way everything went and we will definitely be recommending you.


We appreciated your cultural sensitivity by asking what was appropriate attire to officiate a wedding involving Thai ladies. Also the option of the use of a interpreter.
You gave us more than enough information to make our day a success.
Our wishes for a simple ceremony were catered for that ensured all legalities were taken care of.
We felt very comfortable and by the end of the day it felt like you were family.
Honestly Fae both couples were very happy with you and your services before during and after

—B /T and A/N


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