Other Ceremonies


“A parent’s love is something
that no one can explain.
It is made of deep devotion
sacrifice and pain.
It is endless and unselfish,
and enduring, come what may,
For nothing can destroy it or take it away.”

Author Unknown

Naming Ceremony

A name giving ceremony is not a baptism or a christening but a fulfilling and meaningful experience to welcome a new child into the world. The naming ceremony brings families and friends together and parents become more aware of their responsibilities. An important tradition in naming ceremonies is that the parents choose mentors or godparents to undertake a special role and lifelong interest in the welfare of their child. A naming certificate is presented to the parents, godparents/mentors and grandparents.


“Cherish your beautiful memories of yesterday
Be abundantly blessed today
And look forward to a thousand new tomorrows!”

Ruth Van Gramberg

Renewal of Vows

These ceremonies can be arranged the same as a wedding ceremony but everyone present must be informed that it is not a legal wedding ceremony. In making their vows the couple are re-affirming their earlier decision to take each other as husband and wife. A re-affirmation certificate can be issued for the ceremony and can be signed by two witnesses. To find out more about civil ceremonies in Perth please get in touch. You can call me on 0408 102 690 or click through to my contact form.

Senior Couple Holding Hands & Looking To Sea on Beach

“Once in a lifetime.
You find someone
Who touches not only your heart,
But also your soul.”

Nancy Brilliant

Commitment Ceremony

If you require a commitment ceremony rather than a marriage the only major difference is that a commitment ceremony is not legally recognised. There is no legal paper work to complete and you don’t have to include specific legal words in your ceremony. When performing a commitment ceremony, everyone present must be aware that it is not a legal wedding ceremony. All couples are presented with a commemorative certificate.

Gay Couple Holding Hands