Wild Flowers Daisies and Clover

"So as you stand upon a shore gazing out to sea

As you look upon a flower and admire its simplicity

Remember me…."

Author Unknown

Saying Goodbye To Your Loved One

Funerals are ceremonies or the rite of passage conducted to celebrate and remember a life once lived. A funeral helps the families, friends and colleagues to express their beliefs, feelings, thought’s and share their emotions about someone they loved.

I am industry trained and an accredited funeral celebrant in Perth and surrounding areas. My role as a celebrant is to help create a ceremony to celebrate the life of the deceased in a unique and memorable way.

The ceremony is not only to celebrate the life of the deceased but is also to help those who remain behind to grieve, to celebrate and for some to let go and achieve some closure. I believe it is my responsibility to try and leave the guests feeling better than they did when they arrived at the ceremony. To find out more about a funeral ceremony in Perth please get in touch.